Mahesh Everest Tauro

Mahesh E. Tauro has two decades of organizational experience in not-for-profit, development and research sectors in various capacities. He has also been an independent consultant for over six years for international grant making donor organisations, national, regional, nodal and not-for-profit agencies like NACO, KHPT, HLFPPT, Credibility Alliance etc.


Mahesh has worked with several Civil Society Organisations and grassroots movements to advocate for social justice, health, human rights, welfare and quality of life of marginalized and underprivileged groups and communities such as landless coolie families, single women headed households, rural children, sex workers (female, male and transgender), people with unique sexualities (sexual orientation and gender identity or expressions) and people living with HIV (including children).


His interests lie in the collection of phonograph records and the restoration of vintage audio equipment.