Bringing Colour to the Government Observation Home, Madiwala: A Collaboration between CCL and Aravani Art Project

June 15, 2023

Centre for Child and the Law recently collaborated with Aravani Art Project, an art movement that envisions the creation of collective spaces for people from different communities, and advocating ideas of reclaiming spaces through art with the intention of raising awareness. The purpose of this collaboration was to transform the Government Observation Home for Boys, Madiwala (meant for temporary reception for children in conflict with the law) into a child-friendly, comfortable and nurturing place for children in conflict with the law. This collaboration demonstrates the power of art to bring people together and create a positive change. The children worked closely with the artists in creating a series of murals (which depicted nature and also included positive affirmations) that brightened up the space and made it look more welcoming. The children were encouraged to participate in the painting process, which allowed them to express themselves and feel a sense of ownership over their living space. The painting was completed over the course of several weeks, with the artists working alongside the children to bring their vision to life. The end result was a series of murals that transformed the dull and lifeless walls of the Observation Home into a vibrant and colorful space. The project was a great success, and serves as an example of the power of collaboration and the importance of creating child-friendly spaces. By using art as a means of empowerment and expression, the Aravani Art Project was able to create a safe and welcoming environment for the children, which is crucial to their well-being and development.