What motivates policymakers to ask Questions on nutrition?

August 19, 2022

High level of malnutrition in India calls for policy interventions at national level and being the apex legislative body the role of Parliament and engagement of parliamentarians on the issue of malnutrition is critical. CCL undertook a research based on the review of two decades of parliament questions and their responses in relation to a timeline of critical nutrition events to identify key themes, trends and patterns observed in the discourse on nutrition and attempted to identify what provoked these questions being raised by the parliamentarians.

Key questions: 

  • What are the trends and patterns associated with parliament questions on nutrition for the period 2000-2021?
  • What are the critical events and probable triggers that have influenced the discourse on nutrition at the Parliament for the time period 2000-2021?
  • How can the composition and quality of questions raised in the Parliament on nutrition be strengthened?

Methods: A mixed approach, comprising quantitative and qualitative techniques was undertaken and executed through the following steps:

  • Data extraction: Extraction of questions from web-based archives of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, based on session, house and ministry
  • Categorization and review: Data entry as per pre-finalised formats and review
  • Data analysis and documentation: Thematic and matrix analysis paving way for identification of trends, patterns, triggers and critical events affecting the discourse on nutrition