Sangappa Vaggar

Sangappa Vaggar has completed his Master of Social Work (MSW), PGD Forensic and Criminal Justice Kannada Journalism and is an expert in the domain of child protection, rights, and mental health within the juvenile justice system, boasting over eight years of experience in national and international organizations. Additionally, he served as an assistant professor in the Department of Social Work at the Central University of Karnataka. Given the changing nature of society, the juvenile justice system presents novel challenges that require intervention. Including the developmental, restorative, and reformative requirements of children in conflict with the law is crucial for facilitating their reintegration into society. Mr. Vaggar is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the Delhi School of Social Work at the University of Delhi. He has been honoured with several awards for his work, including the Best Poster Paper award for ‘Family Involvement in Substance Use Treatment’ in AIIMS Delhi 2017 and the Best Oral Paper award in AIIMS Delhi 2023. He chaired a scientific session at the 1st Annual National Conference of the Society for Addiction Psychology at NDDTC AIIMS Delhi and was invited to deliver lectures at several prestigious institutions, including Kashmir University, Kashmir, Central University of Karnataka, SOS Children’s Villages of India in Bengaluru, and the Pondicherry State Social Welfare Board.



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